During the years, assembly system robotic handling has increased constantly, both as far as independent cells and large processing lines. REA has developed extensive experience in these applications by designing solutions using the most modern technologies, for medium to high productions, but with the need for a high degree of flexibility for frequent production changes.

Feeding from its experience in the automotive sector, REA has introduced, more or less in all sectors, a range of devices that ensure product traceability. In addition, using production parameter monitoring and saving line supervision, such devices also make it possible to manage production lots while connected to the company computerised management system.

Below are some application examples:


  • Assembly of household appliance components.
  • Assembly of turbo compressors.
  • Assembly of plastic automotive components.
  • Gas ramp assembly and testing.

Factory 4.0 assembly line.

Small assembly line for the main industrial sectors, from light assembly to automotive components.
The alternative on board of the machine ensures a high degree of integration with the best management systems, providing information on machine productivity status and predictive diagnostic.


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