This type of application is used in the most diverse situations where programming flexibility, precision and power are necessary requirements.

Thanks to its long-term experience, REA Robotic produces handling systems for machine tending and for industrial assemblies.

Handling is in fact the stage that connects the different stages of a production process, which in this way are integrated to each other and made smoother, without interruptions or inefficiencies. REA is capable of creating the most rational and flexible handling solutions, perfectly adapted to the production process of the customer, whilst at the same time reducing costs, always a necessary condition.

Robotics expand their field of application, becoming the winning solutions and offering better performance levels, whilst at the same time improving flexibility.

By working in the most varied sectors and using the most advanced technologies, REA is capable of tackling any requests.


  • Dynamic and servo operated picking grippers.
  • Vision systems for component localisation and quality control, both 2D and 3D.
  • Off-line programming systems.
  • Production management with complex plant supervision.
  • Component or pallet transport system.
  • Different materials: metals, food, glass, wood, plastic, composite materials, fabrics.
  • Integration of different technologies: assembly, vision systems, welding, dynamic component pick-up, quality control.


  • Hobbing machine tending system.
  • Alloy wheel front milling tending system.
  • Welding tending system.
  • Alloy wheel processing centre tending system.
  • Spot welding machine tending system.
  • Mould handling and cleaning.
  • Large material handling.
  • Lathe tending system.
  • 3D vision container unloading.
  • Spot welding machine tending system.
  • Roller assembly.


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