REA produces robotic cells for tending to metal hot forming presses. During the last years, the company has had the opportunity of specialising in the sector, thanks to its capability of offering complete handling solutions, from the loading to the unloading of the press.

Dedicated robotic grasping devices for each application.

  • Liquid-cooled grippers.
  • Grippers without cooling made of refractory steel.

Complete robotic cells for the reduction of production management and setup of new products

  • Robotic cells with self-learning software.
  • Robotic cells with parametric software.
  • Robotic cells with off-line programming.
  • Automatic product setup.
  • Constant monitoring of production and forwarding of real-time data to the company server.

Integration of 3D vision systems on components with temperatures up to 1300°C

  • Robot guide with 3D vision system for the localisation of the components before placing, during the subsequent processing stage (e.g. shearing), with localisation precision up to 0.1 mm.
  • Quality control with 3D vision system capable of detecting dimensional defects on the formed component.