In collaboration with one of the most important manufacturers of metal sheet cutting and processing plants, REA has developed a robotic tending system for press brakes.

The new feature and the main characteristic of this system is a mechanic sub-system with encoder that can be applied to any press brake, and which enables the robot to follow the press brake during its movement, without ever releasing the metal sheet.

This system was necessary for handling large 5000mm x 2000mm metal sheets.

The system may be applied to any press brake, as it’s totally independent of the press brake itself, and directly connected to the robot.

In the specific case, the robot was interfaced with an OFF LINE programming system and an automatic magazine. Using a SCADA, the customer plans the daily production, with the models to produce and the individual quantities. At the start, the system recalls the metal sheets to bend from the magazine, which reach the loading position in the correct quantity. The robot loads them, placing them on the centring unit, picks them back up and bends them using the follow-up system. If necessary, it then places them on an overturning unit, to complete the bends, and lastly on a pallet on a shuttle that will take them back to the warehouse.

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