The REA group has been working within the national industrial framework for over 30 years, starting as technological partners of the first European robot manufacturers, first in the traditional welding sector, to move then to all the other General Industry fields: from automotive to foundry, household appliances and so on, to the current interests, which include the plastic and glass industries.

Today REA has a staff of 50 employees capable of dealing with the main areas of a modern robotic automation company, giving particular attention to Research & Development, advanced design, technical plant maintenance and after-sale service engineers with proven sector experience.

Our mission is to always guarantee the highest quality levels, the most innovative products and the most accurate service, thanks to technological innovations and returns on investments in a short time.

The special attention of our marketing activities to the international markets, it leads us to reach a well targeted customer base, and to focus to the repetition of successful plants that can be replicated in the most advanced sectors.