In the AUTOMOTIVE sector, automation has always been characterised by high technology levels, high product quality, and reduced work cycles. All this to ensure high productivity, time consistency, and replicable consistent quality.

During the last few years, REA has increased its experience and knowledge of this sector, devising some specific applications, and working close with the customer to develop the required production processes.

Some of the developed applications relate to casting in the foundry sector, including: die cast block and engine head deburring, 2D and 3D pick-up, and quality control.

Other developed applications are:

Assembly of cast iron/steel turbines with fitting of bushings and pins, washing, strength tests and screw fastening of accessories.

  • Finishing of cast iron turbines.
  • Handling of aluminium turbines with washing, inspection and marking.
  • Handling, inspection and measurements on engine assembly lines.
  • Alloy wheel production line tending system.
  • Welding of aluminium components (tank).
  • Tending system for forming lines and assembly of plastic car components.
  • Handling of metal sheets for car body forming.

Automazione industria automobilistica

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