FOUNDRY automation for the improvement of safety in the workplace and the quality of the production processes.

Long-term and component quality consistency. Use of advanced systems for the replacement of manpower in the most demanding applications in terms of weights and repetitive strain movements… or in complicated applications, like precise defect control.

REA has extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, and is capable of integrating the advanced technologies developed with the processes of the customers:

  • Aluminium: die-casting, cast, deburring, bracket boring.
  • Cast iron: deburring, bracket boring, core handling.
  • Steel: deburring, hot forming, core handling.

By acting early and investing constantly in research and development, Rea has been able to develop innovative solutions for the following:

  • Bin Picking, using 3D scanners and planning of safe handling routes.
  • Quality control, with 3D and 2D scanning.
  • Adaptive deburring, using laser measurement sensors with adaptive process compensation.

Isole robotizzate per la fonderia

Automazione industriale fonderia