The GLASS sector is certainly one of those where robots are extensively used. Their use in handling activities has been particularly important in helping REA Robotics to devise solutions that reduce costs, whilst improving the quality of production.

REA has developed an automatic glass unloading and palletising system, for glass coming from a grinding line.

A robot on a rail is equipped with a gripper with a search and compensation system, capable of picking up glass of any shape from a tilted base: from 265 to 3000 mm in size, and 4 to 10 mm in thickness.

A camera on board of the robot reads the tilted barcode on the glass, checking its code, sizes and destination for the subsequent process. Two measuring systems on the tilted base check that the sizes of the glass are within the desired tolerances.

Once the destination has been read and the tolerance has been checked, the glass is picked up and moved to the corresponding bay, inside appropriate slots.

One of the characteristics of the system is that it can be installed at the end of the line without needing to be interfaced with the grinding system.