METAL SHEET  is everywhere, in most objects that we see and use every day: from large ships to little watches.
It’s a ductile material that can be cut or stamped, bent, welded, polished, glued, riveted and painted, taking on an endless number of shapes.
Rea Robotics makes the process that creates these shapes automatic, with endless technologically advanced solutions.

Several pressure bending specialist engineers and collaborations with main manufacturers, enable REA to come up with the best solutions for its customers.
Standard components are combined to create the ideal station for each production process.
A simplified programming system, or a CAD/CAM off-line system, ensure the quick realisation of new programs.

Rea creates robotic pressure bending plants and tending systems for metal sheet processing machines, both independently, or as supplier of other machine manufacturers.

Loading/unloading of metal sheet processing machines:

  • Punching machines
  • Panelling machines
  • Cold forming

Laser cutting

Laser welding

Isole robotizzate lavorazione lamiera