For over 30 years, REA has made of its after-sale service one of its main strengths, by establishing a trusty relationship with its customers and offering a range of services useful for the development of production technologies and machine maintenance solutions, with the aim of preserving their efficiency and increasing their useful life.

With maximum commitment to customers’ needs, REA considers flexibility and reaction two necessary aspects of its service, which have allowed the company to be known on the market for its capability in offering bespoke solutions, establishing partnerships with all the players of the sector.

REA has a large team of highly qualified engineers, capable of efficiently intervening on robotic stations, particularly ABB, KUKA, OTC brands – but also others found on the international market -, offering a new and modern concept of service for the robotic and the industrial automation sectors.

The company organisation and the carefully selected equipment pool means that we are capable of maintaining extremely high performance standards. For this reasons, taking advantage of computerised systems, REA has been able to develop a web-based telephone line support system for connecting directly to the equipment, irrespective of its location, to provide remote support and video inspection services. This real time intervention brings a reduction in both costs and machine down-times.