For over ten years, REA Robotics has been integrating in its own robotic systems vision systems dedicated to both the driving of the robot itself, and the control of product quality.

2D robot driving

  • Systems dedicated to the identification of the position and orientation of components on conveyor belts or vibrating planes.

3D robot driving

  • Vision systems dedicated to the localisations of components placed in a casual manner inside containers, or any other applications for which the position of the component cannot be replicated. The ten-year experience has enabled us to specialise in the use of 3D vision systems, both for frozen products and metal products, up to a temperature of 1300°C, used for example in hot forming processes.

2D and 3D quality control

  • Vision systems capable of independently identifying defects in products leaving the production line. Checks go from shape to size, from surface control to the check of the codes printed on the products.