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Our certifications

REA ROBOTICS S. R.L. aims to pursue optimal levels of quality in all phases of service delivery, to ensure the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of clients and customers.

To ensure compliance with the above principles, the management of REA ROBOTICS S. R. L. intends to set up its service taking into account in particular the following principles:

obtain a satisfactory economic result, able to guarantee business continuity;
define the responsibilities assigned to all business functions by verifying that they have been understood and applied;
ensure that decisions are taken into account the management’s annual review of the context, risks and opportunities;
manage, monitor and modify processes, according to organizational, technological, legislative and regulatory developments, updating the management system and ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements;
comply with laws and regulations applicable at national and international level, binding and possibly prescribed by interested parties (e.g. customers);
continuous improvement of internal information flows, in order to ensure that the information reaches the right people, in the belief that this is a first step towards the improvement of the service offered to the customer;
maintain and improve the environmental and safety conditions of the workplace in line with the evolution of technological knowledge;
promote constant collaboration and dialogue with the customer/client, to ensure that their needs and expectations are met with continuity and effectiveness;
develop innovative products and services with high technological content capable of meeting and anticipating customer expectations, trying to capture the inputs deriving from the reference market;
involve and sensitize its suppliers and contractors in the company management system, in order to create an operating system in the constant search for the improvement of the quality of products, considering them as partners, rather than mere suppliers of work and materials;
consistently ensure the use of qualified and competent personnel for design, installation and maintenance activities as a basis for the provision of Service adequate to the required standards;
continuous improvement of the level of competence, involvement and awareness of staff regarding quality and safety in the company;
make available economic, technical and human resources to achieve the objectives of preventing accidents and diseases at work and for Environmental Protection;

The choice to implement and certify their Management System for Quality in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:15 and over the next two years to the regulations UNI ISO 45001:18 and UNI EN ISO 14001:15, reflects the will of the REA ROBOTICS Srl to ensure that these principles are pursued in an ongoing way, in the belief that this constitutes a fundamental step to obtain the full and continuous customer satisfaction.

The management invites all staff to work to ensure that the above principles and the improvement objectives that will be set are met with continuity and effectiveness.