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Hot stamping

REA manufactures robotic cells for the control systems of metal hot stamping presses.

In recent years, the company has specialised in the design of grippers for handling metals at very high temperatures (over 1000° C) using dedicated 3D vision systems capable of viewing blazing materials.

Dedicated robot grippers for each application:


Liquid-cooled grippers


Grippers without cooling, made of refractory steel

Complete robotic cells, designed to reduce production management and the set-ups of new products :


Robotic cells with self-learning software


Robotic cells with parametric software


Robotic cells with offline programming


Automatic product setup


Constant monitoring of production and sending of real-time data to the corporate server Characteristics of our robotic systems

Characteristics of our robotic systems

Integration of 3D vision systems on parts up to 1300° C

Robot runners with a 3D vision system for localising the pieces before depositing in the subsequent processing phase (such as blanking), with a localisation accuracy of up to 0.1 mm

Quality control with 3D vision systems able to detect any dimensional defects in the printed piece

Other applications

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